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What they say about us

“We worked with Loquacity during every major update of our game Planet S. They were always quick to respond to our requests and very kind but professional! We were always happy with the results and we are looking forward to continue to work with them.”
Team JA






Gotta loc ’em all!


She’s obsessed with designing nice homes in Animal Crossing, loves coming up with cute Pokémon teams, and enjoys crushing her enemies on shooter games. Nevertheless, fantasy is where her heart lies in. She won’t rest well until all puns in the game will make you laugh.

• Works better with a soundtrack
• Give her the name of a quest: she’ll make a reference out of it


Passionate for videogames from the moment she got her PS1.
She loves to lose herself in other worlds. Rpgs, Visual Novels and City Building games are some of her favorite genres.

•Tech and social
•Night Owl: becomes twice as productive when the sun goes down

Project Manager

Passionate about games since Super Mario 64.
Loves graphic adventures, always on the hunt for indie gems.
Adores cats and cares way too much about her indoor jungle.

• Can work 12 hours in a row running on tea only
• Constantly finds bugs and gets stuck in the weirdest places


Started with Pokémon Diamond, now obsessed with JRPGs.
Way too many games to list that in one way or another changed his life. Secretly a hobbyist artist and voice actor when nobody is watching

• Keeps studying way too many languages
• Sleep schedule? What’s that?

Transcreation specialist

Her first videogame was in the 80s on a Commodore64. She tried every possible genre but RPGs have a very special place in her heart. As a child she wanted to be the one who gives things their names (still working on that wish!)

• Loves wordplays, crosswords and finding just the right word
• She reads everything and anything, at anytime (or she listens to podcasts when she can’t physically hold a book)